A workshop is a place where you don't just learn about. You learn who and how.

The Global Workshop's multimedia content puts big concepts in real-world contexts. 

The Mission

• Continually innovate multimedia storytelling as a platform for cross-cultural learning, ethical representation, and environmental consciousness-raising. 

 • Nurture longterm, sustainable, and mutually beneficial collaborative media production partnerships with organizations, communities, and innovators around the world.

What the map cuts up, the story cuts across.
— Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life

IMpact Progress Report

The Global Workshop launched in November 2015. Since then, it has—

  • Reached over 10,000 students through live multimedia assemblies.

  • Raised $50k for Unconditional Care, a GloWo documentary about a Muslim-run free clinic.

  • Partnered with researchers from Boston and Harvard Universities to conduct a national survey of Muslim-run free clinics to release with Unconditional Care.

  • GloWo’s content for client Earth Innovation Institute was shown at the UN COP23 climate change conference.

  • GloWo’s film, Our Land is the Sea, premiered at the US Embassy Cultural Center in Jakarta and selected for the Bali International Film Festival.