A workshop is a place where you don't just learn about. You learn who and how.

The Global Workshop's multimedia presentationsparticipatory workshops, & social media content put big concepts in real-world contexts. 

The Mission

The Global Workshop's mission is fourfold:

 • Catalyze problem-solving dialogue and collaboration among students and educators across multiple cultures, economic realities, and ecosystems.

• Support schools and communities in raising compassionate, critically engaged global citizens.

 • Nurture longterm, sustainable, and mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships with schools, communities, and innovators around the world.

• Continually innovate multimedia storytelling as a platform for interdisciplinary cross-cultural learning, ethical representation, and environmental consciousness-raising. 

What the map cuts up, the story cuts across.
— Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life

IMpact Progress Report

The Global Workshop launched in November 2015. Since then, it has—

  • Reached over 8000 students through multimedia assemblies.
  • Raised $10,000 on Kickstarter Campaign and through outside donations to fund the development of multimedia teaching tools for use in educational outreach.
  • Launched a national tour of the Facing the Front Lines Exhibit.
  • Developed original digital content for seven social and environmental organizations.
  • Engaged 2,200 students in participatory workshops in science and social studies classrooms.
  • Created five hours of original live and multimedia educational content (see excerpts here) in collaboration with partner communities in India, Indonesia, and the United States.