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Content that explores below the surface.

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amplify voices for change.

amplify voices for change.

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embolden advocacy.

embolden advocacy.

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connect across cultures.

connect across cultures.

elevate public discourse

We work closely with our partners to translate policy, data, and disparate worldviews into accessible stories that elevate public discourse and inspire action.


Our areas of expertise

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we are translators

Our team speaks your language. We bring together extensive experience with cross-cultural communication, development field work, and international political advocacy with cutting-edge media solutions.


Matt Colaciello, Co-Director


Matt is a digital storyteller and international educator with 10 years of production and project leadership experience in the U.S., West Africa, India, and Indonesia. He creates vibrant digital content for organizations focused on cross-cultural understanding, conservation, and social justice. He speaks five languages. See his TEDxYouth about media making here.

Jake Lewis, co-director

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Jake is a writer and cinematographer based in New York. He trained in cinematography at the film school of the University of Southern California. Specializing in the stories that traditional media leaves behind, Jake elevates voices of all backgrounds and inspires individuals, organizations, and communities to tell their story.

Making media that empowers: our approach to allyship

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We come to content creation with the genuine intention of challenging oppressive power structures by helping to amplify historically marginalized and underrepresented voices. We also recognize that ostensibly good intentions such as these have all too often resulted in misrepresentation, exploitation, and further marginalization. As such, we commit and recommit and commit again to the following guiding commitments of allyship*:

  • We are here to make use of our privilege and power for the people with whom we work.

  • We turn the spotlight we are given away from ourselves and towards the experiences, insights, and accomplishments of those who are continuously marginalized, silenced, and ignored; we give credit where credit is due.

  • We create opportunities to engage people with whom we share identity and privilege in conversations about the experiences of those for whom we seek to be allies.

  • We build our capacity to receive criticism, to be honest about and accountable for our mistakes, and recognize that being called out for making a mistake is a gift.

*Adapted from The Anti-Oppression Network and PeerNetBC. See here for the complete list of responsibilities of allyship.

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