The Global Workshop creates live events & digital content that amplify the voices of change makers around the globe.


I'm a multimedia storyteller on a mission to understand big issues facing our world—inequity, climate change, and global development—through listening to people whose voices are often left out of the conversation.

I've spent the last 10 years working as a field educator and environmental advocate in West Africa, India, and Indonesia. Now I use film, photography, and live storytelling to connect audiences to people and organizations endeavoring to improve their communities and the world. Read more...


People + stories from around the world

Understanding is essential to cooperation. This ongoing series of videos puts into dialogue disparate perspectives on the environment, development, and science. Through interviews and case studies, we explore ways that diverse stakeholders may come to understand one another's experiences, values, and goals. 

The Global Workshop creates vibrant social media content for not-for-profits, progressive causes, and social and environmental justice campaigns.

Coming in fall 2018: Unconditional Care

The Muslim doctors and volunteers at this free clinic are healing more than just their patients. They're healing a community.

Facing the Front Lines is Matt Colaciello's traveling multimedia exhibit that brings to America the stories of indigenous people living on the front lines of climate change across Asia.  

Don't Just Fill Space—Make It!

Matt Colaciello speaks at a TEDxYouth event about the imperative to turn whatever you love to do into an opportunity to make space for people—and the earth itself—whenever and wherever they are marginalized.

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